About Us

At Magic Wand Productions, our stories center around critical issues facing people on their life journey.  Life is short, but so precious.  Our goal is to facilitate transformation & healing around these sensitive issues in an entertaining story line, through the powerful medium of movies and television.  The Motion Picture industry has the opportunity and responsibility to make a difference in the world.  Magic Wand Productions support this vision and provides the needed catalyst for the awareness to transform & heal through its stories.

Magic Wand Productions is co-anchored by a husband and wife team of 40 years, Cynthia & Chet Barnard.  Cynthia is the creative component of the team – a Shaman Healer, Teacher, Mystic, Mother of 4 Children and a “uniquely” talented screenplay writer.  Chet has been an Executive and CEO of numerous venture capital (VC) backed software companies over the past 25 years.  His belief in their philosophy & vision, and specifically his wife, Cynthia, has led him from Boston to Hollywood to pursue their dreams.