She’s Not There                            Issue – Sexual Abuse, Incest & Rape

This screenplay sets 2 young women, from diverse backgrounds and values, as roommates in art school in Boston.  Victoria, from a wealthy New England family, is a beautiful, intelligent, upscale, snobby and prudish young woman that drives a BMW.  Lucinda (“Lucy”), from Italian American roots, drives a Harley; has a drinking problem and is promiscuous.  She is rough around the edges with a kind heart, but above all, is an extremely talented artist. Ironically, they are envious of each other. The story builds on their strong personalities and conflicting styles, until they realize that they share a dark secret – they have both been the victims of incest and rape by their fathers.  Their bond grows, as they help each other through the healing process, including their respect for themselves and trust of men.  A tragic accident to Lucy provides Victoria a true catalyst for healing. Two young women from different worlds had become one, through their common experiences and healing process……..Full Synopsis

Sins of Sand Creek                    Issue – Prejudice, Ignorance & Power….War                           

This screenplay is set in Sand Creek, Colorado, where at dawn on November 29, 1864, a brutal and senseless massacre takes place of the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes by the US Government; nearly 200 unarmed women, children and 12 elder Indian Chiefs are brutally executed.  The mastermind behind this attack is Colonel Chivington, an ex-Methodist Minister with political ambitions.  Boston Journal reporter, Gus Wolf, travels to Denver to cover the story after he learns that a young Captain, Silas Soule, an abolitionist originally from New England, refuses to allow his regiment to fire upon the Indians.  A full Army and Congressional investigation is conducted.  Throughout the investigation, the screenplay flashes back to scenes of the massacre, providing a full ordeal of the planning & execution of this senseless act of violence.  Chivington and Silas remain bitter enemies throughout the story, as the people of Denver side with Chivington and believe that Silas is a coward and an Indian lover.  Ironically, Silas becomes Sheriff of Denver during this lengthy investigation and marries during the Hearings.  He is mysteriously gunned down and killed on the streets of Denver.  Chivington is never punished for his role in the massacre, but is unable to achieve his political aspirations.  Gus returns to Boston impressed by the courage, integrity and strength of Silas Soule, as well as the memories of the senseless atrocities of Sand Creek………Full Synopsis


The Nine of Cups                           Issue – Power of the Feminine                                     

This screenplay is a love story that centers around  King Arthur’s parents, Uther & Igraine and the women of Avalon – deep in the heart of England – with their magical & mystical connection to the Arthurian legend.  They are warriors that are trained in the way of the Goddess by drinking from the Grail Cup and reaching immortality.  The series connects King Arthur and his court with these powerful women of Avalon, whose magical powers create the ebb and flow between love and conflict, in ways yet untold…….Full Synopsis


Igniting the Feminine Flame        Issue – Awakening & Realization 

Igniting the Feminine Flame is an exciting autobiography, about an American woman’s journey towards self-discovery and enlightenment.  It provides women with the insights and spiritual awakening for their life journey, including:

     ♥  making changes in consciousness;  opening up to possibilities

     ♥  reclaiming the lost feminine energy

     ♥   mystical experiences – the power of dreams & sacred sites

     ♥  understanding patterns & belief systems ………..Full Synopsis