Igniting the Feminine Flame – Synopsis

Igniting the Feminine Flame is an exciting autobiography, about an American woman’s journey towards self-discovery and enlightenment.  It provides women with the insights and spiritual awakening for their life journey, including:

♥  making changes in consciousness;  opening  up to possibilities

  reclaiming the lost feminine energy

  mystical  experiences – the power of dreams & sacred sites

♥  understanding  patterns & belief systems – past, current & future lives

Born into a middle class family in Massachusetts, Cynthia Ann Barnard was raised in strict catholic beliefs and attended parochial schools for twelve years. Graduating from college with a degree in elementary education, she married her college sweetheart and four years later gave birth to her first of four children. Dedicated to raising her children in a time when most women were opting for careers, Cynthia found herself caught up in the world of suburbia. Keeping up with the Jones in an affluent town in New England was exciting, but began to leave her with feelings of emptiness. There had to be more than more things. Unexpectedly a friend developed breast cancer and this forced Cynthia to start searching her own soul. She wondered why people got sick and others did not and if there were alternative ways to heal. This led her to new territories and brought up unexpected challenges in her own life especially when her fourth child Jacqueline suffered a stroke at the age of three. Cynthia started to study the mind and the body and developed skills as a teacher and a healer. As she stepped away from the bridge groups and the tennis courts she met a mysterious black Minster at a psychic fair who tells Cynthia that she is a gifted Shaman healer. Cynthia scoffed at such a statement simply because she didnt even know what a shaman was. But her destiny continued to call her and before she knew it she was studying with shamans in South America and Mexico. Doorways to past lives, future lives and other dimensions of consciousness opened her up in ways she never dreamt possible.

This is a remarkable story about a woman’s life and how it switches to the paranormal, blending two different worlds in her everyday life of being a Mother and a wife. Cynthia is candid about her childhood and life experiences and how in order to heal others, she had to heal herself.  She today enjoys an exciting and fulfilling life, while teaching others how to love themselves and create the balance necessary for this amazing journey of life’s self-discovery and enlightenment!