Nine of Cups – Synopsis

The Nine of Cups is a love story that centers around  King Arthur’s parents, Uther & Igraine and the women of Avalon – deep in the heart of England – with their magical & mystical connection to the Arthurian legend.  They are warriors that are trained in the way of the Goddess by drinking from the Grail Cup and reaching immortality.  The series connects King Arthur and his court with these powerful women of Avalon, whose magical powers create the ebb and flow between love and conflict, in ways yet untold.


The story begins with Igraine, a beautiful daughter of a King who is happiest jousting and sword fighting with Pages of the court.  To her mother’s dismay and her father’s delight, she dreams of being a Warrior Queen.  At age 12, Igraine and her sister Vivian, age 10, are sent to Avalon to study with the high-priestess Argante.  The study of being a priestess, unleashes a power in Igraine that fulfills her deepest needs.  Everyone expects Igraine to become the apprentice to Argante and the future high priestess of Avalon.  This honor is bestowed to her sister Vivian and Igraine is sent home to marry a Roman Duke, Gorlois, a man many years her senior and one she despises.

Igraine has three daughters with Gorlois: Elaine, Morgause and Morgan.  The son Gorlois desires, never arrives.  Igraine tries to adjust to her destiny, but remains bitter toward her sister Vivian.  Ambrosius, the high King of England, is poisoned and Uther Pendragon is eventually chosen as his successor.  Gorlois plays an instrumental role in supporting Uther’s ascent to the throne.  At the coronation, Uther shocks the entire court by falling in love with Igraine.  He wants her and makes no secrets of his desires.  Enraged by this, Gorlois murders two of Uther’s guards and escapes with Igraine.  A war of love brings up heated passions between two men that love the same woman.  Gorlois locks up Igraine at Tintagel castle and pursues King Uther in battle.

Lovesick for Igraine, Uther convinces Merlin to shape-shift him to look like Gorlois and sneak him into the Tintagle castle.  Merlin agrees, but only if Uther promises to hand over any child that results from this union.  At the same moment of sexual climax between Igraine and Uther, Gorlois is killed in battle.  The next day, Uther returns to Tintagel and claims Igraine as his wife.

Igraine and Uther find love and passion in their relationship.  Reveling in the role as expectant mother of the future high King, Igraine is joined by Argante and Raven, while Uther is away at battle.  In a cave under Tintagel, Igraine is initiated into the blue light shield of invincibility and goes into battle to assist Uther and teach her unborn son, the ways of a warrior.  Uther never knows that Igraine is the one that saves him and his army in a major battle.

Uther never reveals to Igraine his promise to Merlin.  To keep the unborn King safe, Igraine’s daughters are sent off to Avalon.  The baby Arthur is born and taken from Igraine’s breast to live with Christian foster parents.  Igraine is devastated and Uther leaves her to return to the battle against the Saxons.  Igraine spends many days alone and eventually uses her shield of invincibility to return to battle as a mystical warrior, satisfying her need to be near Uther.  Meanwhile, two of Igraine’s daughters are filled with hatred for Igraine and Uther, holding them responsible for the death of their father.  They plot to destroy both of them.

Arthur is growing up wise and strong under the guidance of Merlin, as he is initiated into the ancient rites of the Druids.  Although he is unaware of their relationship, his first sexual experience is with Morgan, his half-sister.  After learning of their blood ties, Morgan vows vengeance on Arthur.  He also learns from Uther, on his deathbed after numerous fierce battles, that he is his son.  Arthur is eventually crowned High King of England after he pulls the sword from the stone.  Igraine disappears from Arthur’s court and uses her connection to the mystical sisterhood to heal the sick.  She returns to the Lake and drinks from the Grail cup, transforming into a Goddess for higher realms.

This is the ending of the first part of the series.  It continues with newly told adventures emphasizing the critical role played by the ladies of Avalon in Arthur’s court.  The theme, throughout the series, is how these women shaped the history of England through their mystical connection to the Avalon Sisterhood.