She’s Not There – Synopsis

This screenplay sets 2 young women, from diverse backgrounds and values, as roommates in art school in Boston.  They both have strong personalities with conflicting styles, which creates tremendous conflict.  The story builds on these differences, until they realize that they share a dark secret they have both been the victims of incest and rape by their fathers.  Their bond grows, as they help each other through the healing process including their trust of men.  A tragic accident to one of the young woman provides a true catalyst for healing.  Two young women from different worlds had become one, through their common experience and healing process.


She’s Not There is set in Boston.  Twenty-two year old Victoria VanHusen is blonde, beautiful, bright and extremely talented. Yet she is unhappy as a Law student at Harvard.  She dreams of going to art school and finally stands up to her wealthy, controlling father to pursue her dream without his financial support.

Lucinda (Lucy) DiBenditto is a dark haired, brash and talented twenty-two year old from an Italian-American family.  She drives a Harley and lives life with a passion.  She is promiscuous and drinks to excess, but a genius in her artistic abilities.  She owns a Sign company.  Depressed and down in the dumps, Lucy loses her Sign business; she buys a Scratch ticket and wins the Lottery.  This gives her an opportunity to follow her dream of going to art school.

Victoria and Lucy become roommates.  Lucy is jealous of Victoria’s beauty and Victoria is envious of Lucy’s artistic genius.  They dislike each other and intensely compete, but both are having difficulties in personal relationships.  Victoria is afraid of intimacy and Lucy is promiscuous and in abusive relationships.

Eventually the women start to bond.  One night at a party, someone drops a drug into Victoria’s drink; Lucy’s street smarts rescues her and prevents a rape.  This horrible incident opens up Pandora’s Box of secrets that both women have been holding.  They are victims of incest and rape by their own fathers.  They start the healing process and confront their fathers.  Tragically one evening, Lucy drinks so much that she blacks out and crashes into a snow bank, suffocating to death.

Victoria, devastated by the loss of her friend, is consoled by Neal – a boyfriend she previously had pushed away.  She begins to open her heart to him, unlike the past, feeling safe enough to experience passion for the first time in her life.  This sexual passion opens up her artistic talent, in ways that only her friend Lucy had experienced.  Two young women from different worlds had become one, through their common experience and healing process.