Story Issues

She’s Not There                                Issue – Sexual Abuse, Incest & Rape

Sexual abuse happens in families of every social, economic, and ethnic background – not just among the poor and uneducated.  Many molesters appear to be upstanding members of their community and church.  Sadly, most cases go unreported, so the full extent of this problem remains hidden.  Of the known sexual abuse, 75% is committed by the children’s own parents. The victims are usually girls between 8 and 12, with 20% under seven.  One girl out of three and one boy out of seven will be sexually assaulted at least once by the age of 18 – and for those trapped in the nightmare of incest, the average period of abuse is seven years.  The hurt and long-term effects are understandably alarming.  In recent studies, 70% of the prison inmates and 90% of the prostitutes interviewed had been molested as children.                                    Source:  National Domestic Violence/Abuse Center


Sins of Sand Creek                            Issue – Prejudice, Ignorance & Power….War

Since the horrific attacks on Sept. 11, all of us Americans have passed through the stages of shock, grief, and anger. We have watched our nation battle fear, show compassion and exemplify courage. The evil mastermind of the plot has spoken out, encouraging more fanatical assaults against America.  Overnight in America, we were transformed from a people at peace, to a people at war. This has been a reoccurring problem for many centuries – the Crusades, the African Slave Trade,  the Salem Witch Trials,  the Native American extermination, the Holocaust, the Middle East Conflict….just to name a few.  Ignorance breeds prejudice.


The Nine of Cups                                 Issue – Power of the Feminine


The Power of the Feminine is a hidden force on Earth that is more powerful than all the armies and nuclear bombs of the world combined……it is the stuff of magic and miracles.  This power has been denied, discredited and discounted by the prevailing patriarchy for thousands of years.  Now is the hour for the re-emergence of the Eternal Goddess energy.  It’s time to not only cultivate, but also celebrate, the crucial intuitive, nurturing, supporting and creative energies of the Divine Feminine in our society and in ourselves.  As we honor and utilize this underlying Prime Mover of Life, we fuse our Feminine and Masculine energies into a unified force for harmony and balance on Earth and within ourselves.  This is the true foundation of human civilization and spiritual growth.


Igniting the Feminine Flame     Issue – Awakening & Realization

Searching for our purpose and the true meaning of life requires looking deep into our soul, for both questions and answers.  This spiritual journey is exciting, yet challenging.  We march through our lives and through the valuable time that we have been given, like troops across a vast battlefield.  Onwards as if to victory, but victory for what – the awarding and accepting of prizes;  the certificates and diplomas displayed in our offices;  the career that promised us prospects and financial rewards; or the relationships that promised us devotion and unconditional love.  Yet, we continue our striving without fully arriving and understanding our purpose.  We need to be healed….healing is an ongoing process – a constant engagement with listening to our hearts, our minds and our bodies in an attempt to reach harmony, which is simply returning to our natural selves. For those that choose this path to greater awakening & realization, the benefits to ourselves and our society can be significant.